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The vision of the management foresaw that it would not be prudent to be content as a dominant player in the domestic pharma market as the domestic market is just 1.5% of the world pharma market. The management perceived that there was more to business than profits and that the international business opportunities are open to us. The Government's liberalization policies are taking concrete shape in areas on Industry, Trade, Commerce and also on monetary and fiscal fronts. The GATT declaration has charted out a new path for world trade, providing India with the context of vigorously integrating the world economy. While providing Indian companies with various opportunities to evolve strategies that would enable them to be internationally competitive.

The BOMBAY TABLET management also recognized the need for developing and actioning an appropriate strategy for exports to compete successfully in the world market place.

The management is already uniquely positioned to move ahead much faster, as the company had created the mindset, culture and attitudinal changes to globalise business. The company started thinking of exports, well before India started talking about globalisation. The growth in sales and profits has perpetually doubled twice since then.

At BOMBAY TABLET we do not rest on our laurels because we believe that the search for the excellence is a never-ending process and our achievements are purely milestones in the long journey that we have undertaken.

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