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'A Saga of Entrepreneurial Success'

An entrepreneur with a vision floats a company with a small outlay. This resulted in laying the foundation of BOMBAY TABLET five decades ago in 1943.

BOMBAY TABLET was a vision of our entrepreneurship - a desire to do something revolutionary in the Pharmaceutical Industry. They held a vision to enrich human lives and thereby planned and worked to fulfill this dream by providing stable, standard and economical life-saving drugs. This was the time when the multinational pharmaceutical companies dominated the scene with their immense financial resources and a strong marketing muscle. In order not to fritter away the scarce resources, as also to carve a niche for the Company in the domestic pharmaceutical market and as a matter of strategy, it was decided to operate only in selected geographical areas of the country with a higher per capita spending on medicine, where given the resources, the sales volume would be comparatively higher. Taking note of the fact that this strategy would generate only limited revenues; a simultaneous thrust was made towards getting a share of the vast institutional business through agents, which also generated quite a bit of high value business. These two selected strategies gave the Company a very strong foothold in the domestic market.

This Corporate strategy went on, with each year adding on a substantially increased sales volume and much improved profitability. Subsequently, more geographical areas were added on to the existing operational marketing areas with the resultant benefits in sales volume and profitability. The product range was also expanded to high volume/high growth therapeutic segments of the domestic pharmaceutical market.

At this stage, the primary task of the management was to reorganize the managerial task force, and to infuse enthusiasm and a sense of discipline in the organization. The inter-departmental barriers ere lowered, thereby breaking the functional shackles. This resulted in the Company having a strong core group to scan the business environment and cash on the available opportunities. Thereby, a sound unshakeable foundation for the futuristic operations of the Company was laid. Additionally till 1989, they strengthened their manufacturing facilities.

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